The City Replaces Stars

I am currently working on a series based on the painting to the right, "The City Replaces Stars." I created it for SCAD's juried exhibition Anthropocene," a series of selected works that explored the human mark on the landscape. It was also featured in a Savannah Connect article about the show. 

The city replaces the stars as it scrapes the sky with color. Nights are filled with the ghosts of buildings and the rush of passing light outside car windows. Light pollution turns the little diamonds in the sky into distant memories and rare appearances. Both illuminate the sky and please my eyes but one is natural and the other a result of human innovation. The city lights are a beautiful, yet terrifying reminder of the marks humankind has made on the landscape. I like the juxtaposition of natural and artificial that can be played with while painting cityscapes. Civilization is not black and white, it’s good and bad and all the colors in between. Cities are homes, and familial, as well as industrial and pollutant. They are achievement and downfall. As life lifts us up and lets us down it’s difficult to trust the natural flow of things. Thus the city is illuminated by artificial light, while the rest of the world fades away, we sit here afraid of the dark. 

These pieces are available for sale and display. They are also available as canvas prints for a lower price. Please contact me at if you are interested.


There are more examples of my paintings on my Instagram, there is a button on the header to check it out.  

Paintings not to scale. Review size description. Click images in gallery to enlarge. 

Right:"The City Replaces Stars" Acrylic on canvas. 24"x 30". $1,200. Canvas print available for $449.

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