Repeat After Me

Savage Safari #Fitspo

The cultural trends of fitness and healthy lifestyle ideals have permeated social media platforms through “#fitspo.” The Fitspo movement, or images of perfectly lit, flexed and fit men and women on Instagram or Pinterest, is meant to “inspire” individuals to become “fit” by working out and eating healthier. Not all #fitspo images are honest representations of what “healthy” looks like on every body type and are often edited or staged. With my “Savage Safari Fitspo” I am seeking to counteract the objectification of the human body while still maintaining the idea of inspiring people to be the best version of themselves. I swapped the human form for anthropomorphic safari animals. I sought to combine meme culture with the more practical world of self help by adding clever captions and motivation pop culture words like “savage” and “fierce”. Cause ultimately, I believe the secret to maintaining a fitness lifestyle is not focusing on how it makes you look but instead how it makes you feel. Feel fierce. 

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